What Are Top Lining Tracks?

Pre-made instrumental tracks designed for songwriters to add their own lyrics and melody. Because good quality tracks are expected in the music industry today, many professional songwriters use top lining as a primary method of writing. We do not take cowriter credit for any songs written over the top lining tracks.

What Are Exclusive Rights?

Top Lining tracks can be used for recording and pitching your song to artists and the music industry, they cannot be commercially released (e.g. sync placements, uploading to streaming services etc.) If you are interested in commercially releasing the track, you will need to purchase exclusive rights to the track so that you own the master license. 

What Do I Get?

After purchasing you will receive a download link to an WAV and MP3 of the track. You will have license to use the track for any pitching and non-commercial purposes.


If you need vocals or edits to the track, we can help (pricing varies).  New tracks are being added, so join the mailing list to be notified when they become available. 


Select your tracks below, add to cart, check out and receive download link. 

Single Track - $50 


Buy 3 Tracks - $135 (Promo Code: 3TLTRKS)


Buy 10 Tracks - $400 (Promo Code: 10TLTRKS)

Exclusive Rights to a Track - $999

[Exclusive Rights means you own the master, the track is taken down from the site, and you can release the track commercially. You will receive an MP3, WAV and the Stems. For Exclusive Rights to a track, please email:]



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