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Songwriter | Producer 
VibeCity Music 

Joey Ebach grew up in Florida in the Tampa Bay area. In his early teens, he began teaching himself guitar and writing songs, which eventually led to forming a Christian band that had the opportunity to do a few tours nationally. He left the music industry for a while in his mid twenties to pursue ministry, then business. But music and songwriting was always Joey’s true passion. So finally he made his way down to music row, and has been writing and producing ever since. Joey is influenced by a wide variety of music styles, including pop, Americana, country, jazz and classical, and he is also an avid and eclectic reader. This gives his songwriting sensibilities an original flavor both melodically and lyrically. “Music is that thing that has always been with me, and there is nothing quite like telling stories through a song and seeing others feel it and relate to it." Joey currently lives in Spring Hill, TN with his beautiful wife Shari and two amazing boys, Hunter and Chandler.

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